Redwood Music Camp 2019 Classes


Current Class List (subject to change)

  • Tunes by Ear (fiddle)

  • Intermediate/Advanced Irish Tunes and Ornaments (fiddle)

  • Swedish Tunes (fiddle)

  • Beginning Scottish Fiddle (fiddle)

  • Scottish Tunes and Technique (fiddle)

  • Scottish Laments and Slow Airs (fiddle)

  • Intro to DADGAD (guitar)

  • Flat-picking tunes in DADGAD (guitar)

  • Bouzouki

  • Irish Whistle, Flute, and Recorder Ornaments

  • Scottish Whistle, Flute, and Recorder Ornaments

  • Celtic Percussion

  • Accompaniment Patterns for Every Occasion (chord instruments)

  • What Mode for What Mood? (harps and others)

  • Slow air: Slán le Maigh (harps and others)

  • Master Crowley’s Reel (harp)

  • Shape Note Singing (everyone)

  • Southern Songbirds (voice)

  • Appalachian Songs and Song Styles (voice)

  • Harmony Heaven (voice)

  • Gospel Circle (voice)

  • Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Penny whistle

  • Singing with the Voice You Have  

  • Morning Yoga (daily)